We work with natural high quality materials; French linen and beeswax from Finland.


We love linen.
It's beautifully wild & rough in its looks and offers great qualities.
It's antibacterial and breathable.

Sheets made of linen keep you warm when it’s chilly outside, and cool on a hot weather. Stonewashed linen like ours feels very soft on your skin.
Linen is absorbent and dries fast, which makes it a lovely material for cushion covers, napkins and tablecloths.

Our linen flax comes from Europe, France and Belgium.
It’s woven and produced into our products by our partner, a small family owned factory in China that is specialised in working with linen. We meet the team regularly.

Our partner is certified with SA800 - Social Accountability Certification (TÜV SÜD). It ensures that the working conditions are fair and safe. 

We love the fact that when you take care of your linen products, they will last long and only get better with time.



We love beeswax. And bees.

Beeswax is pure and versatile natural material created by little bees.
It's antibacterial, waterproof, eco-friendly and never goes bad.
And then there’s the scent of the beeswax, it’s lovely!

Our beeswax comes from a small family owned farm in Finland.

By using beeswax we support bees and by supporting bees, we'll support our ecosystem. We all should take care of those little pollinators! Create a small garden with wildflowers, donate in programs dedicated to saving them or at least don't kill them! We are way bigger than them and one sting does not kill us, unless we're allergic...

But you get the point. Let them live.