Care Policy

It’s a sweet fact that if you love something, you’re ready to make efforts and care for it. Same applies to our textiles and decor. They are made to last long, but you need to care for them.

Here are some tips for a happy and long life together with Anneli products.


Wash in 40 degrees using gentle and neutral detergent without any whiteners. No bleaching.

Line dry or tumble dry on a low temperature. If you line dry outside, try to avoid direct sun that may affect the colours. If you tumble dry, leave the linen a bit damp and finish with line drying.

We recommend washing your linen bedding before the first use.

Linen doesn’t really need ironing, but if you prefer a sleeker look (for a moment), you can iron it with warm (not hot) temperature. 

P.S. Our duvet covers have a button closure. If you happen to lose or break a button, please contact us for a replacement.

Beeswax candles

Beeswax is a soft material, so to protect the nice texture and look, store beeswax candles in a cool, dry place, wrapped in paper.

When in use, protect from drafts / air conditioning in order to keep the candles from dripping and burning faster than they should.

Use a stable candle holder and place on a flat surface.

Never leave a burning candle unattended! Cats, dogs and kids are surprisingly fast in their moves! Curtains too..