Who & what

We're two sisters from Finland, based in HKG and HEL.

We design, produce and sell beautiful linen home textiles and beeswax products that will never go out of fashion. Or at least they would survive the ever-changing trends for years. It would be also great if we manage to create products that you don’t get bored with, but can fall for them again and again instead. Finding favourite products and appreciating them for years, is an attitude we want to embrace and support. 

Anneli is our long-time dream come true; combining working together, natural materials & interior design. 

“Doing it slowly, but surely. In small quantities.” summarises nicely both our way of working and values that drive us.

  Additionally we appreciate simplicity, nature and beauty.

And silence. And joy.

 Niina & Päivi

 P.S. Anneli is the real middle name of Päivi.